What we offer:

We offer advanced math coaching to students from kindergarten to tenth grade. Our teaching methodology and course curriculum enables students to learn mathematical fundamentals and concepts at their very foundations. This ensures a love for mathematics which then naturally flows into a successful school year with excellent grades.

"As an elementary teacher in the Snoqualmie Valley School District, I am a strong supporter of Anagha's Math classes. The curriculum is effectively designed to meet Common Core standards at all grade levels and guide students to success on state and national assessments."

- Catherine Heinz, Snoqualmie. 

Recent News:

  • Test 2 scores have been posted in student individual channel on Teams.

  • All 2020-21 classes are conducted online. Click here for the Calendar and Schedule.

  • During an emergency, the information will be updated on the website, TEAMS and if possible, an email send out to the parents.

  • If such emergencies result in a power outage and as we are unable to reach out to you (via website or email), we request you to kindly make a decision using your own best judgment.