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"As an elementary teacher in the Snoqualmie Valley School District, I am a strong supporter of Anagha's Math classes. The curriculum is effectively designed to meet Common Core standards at all grade levels and guide students to success on state and national assessments."
 - Catherine Heinz (Teacher - Snoqualmie Elementary)
“Anagha's math class is fantastic! So much so that I have seen my son go from a score of 1/4 on the SBA math in third grade to a score of 4/4 in 4th. Thank you Anagha ! ”
 -  Amanda G. (Teacher - Inglewood Middle School Sammamish)
" Anagha's Math Classes have worked amazingly for my daughter! She has blossomed from a "I can't do math" kid to a "I am good enough to teach others" kid. 
This methodology uses the right mix of explaining, practicing and testing to keep kids motivated." 
-  Sandhya V. (Parent - Redmond)
“Because I take classes at Anagha’s Math, I am always ahead in my class in school. My teacher frequently calls on me to assist my classmates when we solve problems. How encouraging is that!”
 -  Deetya K.,( 9th Grade Student - Sammamish)  
"I have seen my shy, introvert daughter evolve into a confident child who is successful academically and socially! Anagha's Math has played a huge part in her overall growth. 
In particular, the program's practice tests which made her unafraid of testing in school."
-   Sanket K. (Parent - Snoqualmie) 
“At Anagha’s math I learnt simpler ways to approach problems, which is usually not taught in school. This really helped me finish tests in allotted time.”
-  SriHari K. (9th Grade Student - Sammamish) 
“As a parent, I like how teachers have posted answer keys online for each packet. Answer keys also have the steps of how the answers are derived. That enabled me help my kids in their homework.”
-  Kasi L. (Parent - Redmond Ridge) 
“My son absolutely loves coming to your class and doing his homework too!! 😀. The summer packet also was so thoughtful and what a way to prevent them from forgetting what they worked on so hard during the whole year! Not to mention what a great idea to keep them busy!”
-  Indra L. (Parent - Sammamish)
"Anagha's dedication to structure and constant practice has really helped our daughter achieve her hidden potential.  Thank you Anagha and her team for all their support."       
- Nilanjana J. (Parent - Sammamish) 
" I am really happy with the curriculum. Teachers are very friendly and full of great resources and suggestions."
-  Govind A.,  (Parent - Sammamish)
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