Meet Our Team

Anagha Chaliparambil

Anagha is the Director and principal teacher of Anagha’s Math Classes. She has been an accomplished teacher for over 15 years. Her teaching career began in 1997, in India, where she worked as a Math coach for middle and high school students. After relocating to United States, Anagha continued her passion for teaching by training to be Montessori school teacher and volunteering in various schools in the community. 

In 2009, Anagha started Anagha’s Math classes at the Snoqualmie location with just eight students. In a few short years,the program has more than 350 students! 

Anagha is committed and focused towards the academic growth of each student. She is a friend and mentor to many of her students. 

She lives in Snoqualmie with her husband and two sons.

Rohini Tamhane


Rohini has been a part of Anagha’s Math class since 2011.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Auditing and a Diploma in Early Childhood Education from American Montessori Society. She began her career as a Montessori teacher more than 10 at TLC Montessori in Sammamish. 

Rohini loves teaching and seeing the faces of her students “light up” when they understand what is being taught. 

She currently works at Costco as a QA Analyst and resides in Sammamish, WA with her husband and two daughters.


Aneesa Kiyani

Aneesa, one of our principal teachers is with us from the very inception of the program. She has her Bachelor’s degree in Science with a major in accounting. Aneesa’s much-loved subject in school was Math and she has always been associated with it since then. She has worked as a math teacher in a New Jersey school. 

Aneesa enjoys teaching kids, molding their young minds to encourage critical thinking and academic success. Aneesa is a volunteer is many different organizations and has also worked with special needs children.  

She lives in Redmond Ridge with her husband and is an active mother of 3 children.

Radhika Kaluskar

Radhika Kaluskar has been involved with  Anagha's Math Classes since 2015. She teaches levels K through 5. She also manages communications and  marketing of Anagha's math classes. Radhika worked in Snoqualmie Elementary School as a reading and math specialist.

She has her Masters of Science (MS) in Information Systems from Fosters School of Business, University of Washington and an MBA in Marketing and Finance from Nagpur University, India. 

She has been a first grade teacher along with working in various finance and marketing corporate institutions in US and India. "Fun while you learn" is her teaching mantra! Radhika thoroughly enjoys teaching and finds it most rewarding when her students become confident, eager and focused learners.

She resides in Snoqualmie with her husband and two daughters and enjoys reading, spending time with her friends and outdoor adventures.  


Madhavi Khan

Madhavi joined us in 2016. She is an amazing teacher who uses many tricks/tips to make sure kids understand the content she is teaching.

Madhavi has a BS in Accounting and Auditing. She has extensive corporate experience in India. Madhavi loves kids and loves to teach! The perfect combination of a hugely successful teacher! 

Madhavi enjoys yoga, cooking, and dancing. She calls Sammamish home and lives there with her husband and two kids.  

Madhuri Ganti

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Pavithra Shetty

Pavithra is the admin backbone and the lead volunteer at Anagha’s Math. 

She manages all admin work, including composing the weekly packets, screening calls, managing calendars and organizing our offices for efficiency. She is an expert in scanning, filing, copying and mailing and “putting out fires”


She is an outdoor enthusiast, lives in Snoqualmie, loves to hike, dance, cook and spend time with her husband and two kids. 

Prajakta Panvalkar

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