First week of class, Sept 2020


We hope this message finds our students and families safe and healthy.   

On Monday, September 7th, 2020 we will start Anagha’s Math online program.  As each grade level and subject is different, we are planning a variety of ways to present materials to students and engage them in this new learning process.   


Please read through the email below thoroughly and make sure you complete the steps mentioned below to get your child set for his/ her first class. We will be using Microsoft Teams for our online meetings. All students must read the following items/ Steps completed before the first day. We cannot process any last-minute email address change made on the day of the student’s first class. 


1.      You must have got an email from Microsoft Invitations on behalf of Anagha’s Math in your child’s email address you provided us during the time of registration. You will need to follow the steps in that invitation to create a free Microsoft Teams account for your child. If your child has already signed up for Microsoft Teams account during summer 2020 online classes using the email address you provided during the registration for your child, then your child will be directly added to his/her team. 

2.      Here is the Link showing the sign-up instructions for Microsoft Teams:   

3.      We recommend having a separate student email address to be used for every student.   

4.      Working Laptop/ Desktop Computer with internet connection. Working Microphone and Camera to actively participate in the class.   

5.      Familiarize your student on how to use One Note in case they prefer to work digitally.  

6.      Working printer/ scanner (mobile apps are also available to scan the documents)   

7.      New learning material and assignments for each week will be posted every Sunday. Teachers will be using One Note, Outlook e-mail, and Microsoft Teams to connect with students.  

8.      Students need to attend scheduled classes for live lessons. Assignments for each session will be accessible by students in our classroom channel within TEAMS.  

9.      Students must complete the packet and check it using the answer key posted on the website under the Packet/ Answer key tab. 

10.  Work that is assigned to students will be collected (digitally). Each student will be required to upload their completed weekly packet in the student private channel.    

11.  Important Anagha’s Math Online classes link on the website and new email addresses:   

Calendar : 

Class Schedule: 




Phone: (425) 441-8074, (425) 830-9664   


Mailing address :7040 Cascade Ave SE, Snoqualmie, WA 98065 | (425) 830 9664