Anagha’s Math Classes started with just a handful of students in Snoqualmie, over 8 years ago. Today we have more than 350 students in 4 different locations! 

We are completely student-need focused and make our children be confident and independent Mathematicians!

Why our program is so effective?

  • Our students develop life long critical thinking skills. 

  • Our curriculum not only meets common core requirements but also provides graduated challenges to those sharp eager minds! 

  • We are not dictated by any corporate office to deliver a set pattern of teaching material to our students.

  • We have the flexibility to adapt our curriculum to match that of multiple school districts.

About Us 

Our Journey....

Anagha had a huge personal buy-in in starting this program where children are supported for classroom success; all the way from basic understanding of math to competition level math events. When she started this program her own kids were attending elementary and middle school, and she could clearly see where student needs were not met. Being a math teacher herself throughout her career, she conceived of this Math Class to fill that need. 

Initially Anagha started weekly teaching sessions, just for her kids and their friends but her approach to math and her teaching style was so effective that word soon spread around the neighborhood and beyond. ! 

Seeing the quality of education offered at the classes, many like minded teaching professionals joined Anagha’s Math to make a strong team of over 12 highly qualified and experienced teachers. Our biggest reward is to see many of our older students  volunteering in our program. In helping younger children, the confidence they feel and the satisfaction on their faces is a sight to behold!  

We continue in our mission to educate, motivate and encourage every student to excel in Mathematics!