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  • How do I register for class?
    To register for a class, please fill the appropriate registration form. Please expect an email from Microsoft TEAMS sent to student email address one week before the session starts/ within 2-3 days from your registration. Please accept the MS TEAMS invitation to join your Anagha's Math class. Then log into Microsoft Teams with your login and password: Log In | Microsoft Teams If you do not see Anagha’s Math account in your Teams, update your account settings to Anagha's Math using the manage account in MS Teams settings (icon at the top right of the page) Remember to Print (PDF) and email us the signed Liability Waiver form with your child's First and Last Name.
  • Can I register in the middle of the academic year?
    Yes absolutely! Pro-rated tuition details are found at the bottom of the tuition page at Tuition | Anaghasmath
  • What level should I choose for my child at Anagha's Math?
    If your child is doing above average at school in Math and * Is going into grade PreK at school in 2022-23, register for Level K at Anagha's Math * Is going into grade 1 at school in 2022-23, register for Level 1 at Anagha's Math * Is going into grade 2 at school in 2022-23, register for Level 2 at Anagha's Math * Is going into grade 3 at school in 2022-23, register for Level 3 at Anagha's Math * Is going into grade 4 at school in 2022-23, register for Level 4 at Anagha's Math * Is going into grade 5 at school in 2022-23, register for Level 5 at Anagha's Math * Is going into grade 6 at school in 2022-23, taking grade 6/7 math at school, register for Level 6 Intermediate * Is going into grade 6 or 7 at school in 2022-23, taking grade 7/8 math at school, register for Level 6 Advanced * Is taking Algebra 1 at school in 2022-23, register for Level 7 at Anagha's Math * Is taking Geometry at school in 2022-23, register for Level 8 at Anagha's Math * Is taking Algebra 2 at school in 2022-23, register for Level 9 at Anagha's Math *Is taking Pre-Calculus at school in 2022-23, register for Level 10 at Anagha's Math
  • Where can I find all calendars (yearly, summer & daily class schedule)?
    2021-22 Anagha's Math Calendar 2021-22 Schedule 2022-23 Anagha's Math Calendar 2022 Summer Calendar
  • What is the tuition per year?
    Tuition details are found on the tuition page at Tuition | Anaghasmath
  • What is the course curriculum?
    Our curriculum is designed to ensure that each student gets exactly what he/she needs. It could be revisiting and reviewing topics already learnt in school or learning to solve problems at levels above school grades. How our curriculum compares to school grades is explained at
  • How is our program unique?
    OUR CURRICULUM: It not only meets common core requirements but also provides graduated challenges to students. It is flexible to adopt the needs of multiple school districts. We teach tips and tricks to mentally compute math problems and also teach how to solve problems in step-by-step manner. Students are motivated, challenged and rewarded at every step. Our teaching style inculcates understanding of mathematics in a way that grows student confidence and ensures academic success. Our program covers curriculum from schools all our USA.
  • What do the students do each week?
    The program is based on a weekly packet pattern (In- person or online format to choose from). We also offer Private & Semi-Private classes to help students with more specific needs or school curriculum For in-person classes, packets are handed out every week in class. They have topics/problems for that week. Online class are held via Microsoft Teams. Before class, students need to print weekly packet posted in Teams and class is taught via Teams. Every class begins with a brief discussion of the previous week’s packet. Then the class moves on to learn/discuss the current week’s packet. Students solve a portion from the packet in class and the rest is practice work to be completed at home. After completing homework part of the packet students check their work using the detailed answer keys posted in Class Teams channel. Students need to submit the completed and checked packet to class the following week.
  • How and Why to use Answer Keys?
    How do the students access the Weekly Packet and Answer Key?​ Weekly packets and Answer keys are posted under the files section in MS Team General channel for each level. Packets will be posted in Teams on Friday each week before class. Only students enrolled in the program will have access to the class materials. How should a student correct the weekly homework packet?​ There are two parts to the homework: Required homework & Optional extra homework work. Please try to complete both but if in time crunch, please complete at least the required part of the homework. Please check work using the detailed answer key posted in class Teams channel. Put a check mark against a correct answer. For a wrong answer: Understand the steps of solving the problem as shown on the answer key and rework the question. Do not simply copy solutions from the answer key. If you still have not understood how to solve a problem, ask your teacher in the following class. Upload to the completed homework in student private channel on Teams for us to grade them. If you find errors in the answer keys, tell your teacher. We will fix them asap. Thank you for your sharp eyes!! Why do the students have to check homework every week using answer keys? It is the most effective way of checking if topics taught in class are correctly understood and retained. ​ It boosts your confidence; helps you be prepared for next class and increases your test scores.
  • How do I turn in my homework?
    Please turn your homework in your private channel in Teams. Homework can be scanned using either a printer/scanner or a scanner app on your mobile phone. Video’s explaining App scanning instructions are posted in Teams general channel under Files (Welcome and class news) This can be done by using a printer scanner if you have one. If you do not have a scanner, you can download an app such as Cam Scanner or any app from the app store on your mobile devices. These apps are free. This will let you take pictures of the documents on your phone and convert them into a single pdf. This pdf can be sent to your computer through email and downloaded. Once you have the pdf, please save it as (First Name, Last Name – Week #) & simply upload it to your private channel. *Please submit a single pdf document. (Sorry we will not accept multiple documents for a given week).
  • What are homework credits or Moola points?
    Homework Points (Level K-5): $5 Amazon Gift Card if you have earned 10 points before each test. Homework Points (Level 6-9): 5 extra credit points will be added to the test grade if student accumulates 10 points before each test. One point for Required homework pages  One point for Extra credit homework pages  Zero points for no homework submitted  Maximum of two points earned per homework packet. We cannot offer points for homework not scanned and posted on teams.  If parents prefer to not upload the checked homework, we request them to produce a reward system at their end.
  • What happens if my child misses a class?
    Students can make- up a missed class by attending any of the classes for his/her level using the meeting link posted in Teams general channel under files. There are no make-up classes available after the last class for the week. Please refer to the Master Schedule for all class times. Absence must be informed to Teacher/TA by sending a message in students Teams channel. You can also send us an email at If make up class cannot be attended, please encourage your child to finish solving the packet before next week's class, check it using answer keys, and ask the teacher if there are any doubts/questions.
  • What are the class vacation/closure days?
    We follow school district calendars for holidays and vacations. For location specific vacations and holidays please refer to the calendar tab at
  • Do you prepare children for gifted tests?
    Gifted testing has a wide variety of topics on which students are tested. Our program gives our students understanding of mathematical concepts in such a way that can apply it toward preparation for gifted tests. We are proud to say that most of our students continue to be selected for gifted programs at various school districts!
  • Will this class cover student's school homework?
    Our program is an enrichment program with a fixed curriculum that teaches concepts prior to them being taught in school. Our group classes are not designed to help complete school homework. If there is any concept taught is school, but not understood by our students, we are happy to help and solve such queries. We also offer private/ semi-private sessions to help students with more specific needs or school curriculum.
  • Where can I find more information about my child's school math paths, math competitions or tutors for other subjects?
    Please visit our Resources page at Resources | Anaghasmath
  • How do I connect with my child's teacher at Anagha's Math?
    You can send a message to your child's teacher/ class assistant via your child's Teams private channel. You can email us at and we will connect you with your teacher Call us at: 9087055397, 4258309664 Meet Our Team: Our Team | Anaghasmath
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