2021 Anagha's Math Summer Program 

* Earn a $20 Gift card for every referral.*

Program Features

  • Curriculum will address the needs of every student, irrespective of math path selected in school.

  • Content designed to help/master test taking skills with tips and strategies discussed in each class. . 

  • Two practice packets and one online test  every week! 

  • Online class with student-teacher interaction, each class for 75 minutes 3 days a week. 

  • Ensured focus on every child: 15-20 students per class based on school grade levels.

                                      Program Information
  • For: School grades (in 2021-22): Grade 3 to Grade 8
  • Sessions: Total 3 sessions for each grade (Session A , B and C) .
  • Every session will be for 2 weeks long. New topics and curriculum for every session.
  •  Weekly schedule: Two curriculum instruction classes + one in class test, review and results.
  • Fees: $ 300 for one session, $ 550 for 2 sessions, $ 750 for 3 sessions
  • Summer calendar found at the link below. (To register, click the red " Summer Registration" button at the top of this page).