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We are in the ninth year of conducting math classes. Our program is for school children (Kindergarten – 10th). It is geared toward families who believe in giving their children academic excellence to be successful in today’s competitive world. Our curriculum and mode of instruction ensure that students develop required skills and confidence needed to solve challenging math problems. Simultaneously, the focus is toward learning at levels above school grades. Weekly homework reinforces the topics taught in class. We also conduct three tests during the year to build up test taking skills. 

Program Features

  • Classes for Kindergarten through Tenth grade.

  • Convenient locations.

  • Low student to teacher ratio.

  • Classes meet once a week for an hour.

  • Weekly homework, classwork, and regularly scheduled tests.

  • Our program covers curriculum from schools all over USA.

What makes this Program Unique?

  • OUR CURRICULUM: Not only meets common core requirements but also provides graduated challenges to students. 

  • It is flexible to adopt the needs of multiple school districts.

  • We teach tips and tricks to mentally compute math problems and also teach how to solve problems in step by step manner. 

  • Students are motivated, challenged and rewarded at every step.

  • Our teaching style inculcates understanding of mathematics in a way that grows student confidence and ensures academic success.

Our Program

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